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Top Inventory Management Software for Small Business

Inventory Management

Make Your Operations Easier With Top Inventory Management Software for Businesses in India

Accountsbook manages all your operations in a more straightforward and accessible manner. As top inventory management software, Accountsbook is trusted by thousands of successful business people in India.

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Top Inventory Management Software for Small Business in India

Accountsbook brings great inventory management features to enable you to track goods & inventory levels across the supply chain of your business. It’s a one-stop solution that maps the whole journey of your products or services.

Accountsbook tackles all challenges right from the order placement with your vendor/customer to its delivery to the consumer.

Improve purchase management

Accountsbook’s top inventory management software allows you to manage your purchases digitally.

It automates your specific operations and increases purchase requisitions. The software is a combined system that includes accounts payables, inventory, and cash management, so you don’t have to mention the same information twice.

Boost Fulfillment of Sales Orders

Track all your sales orders on a single screen

Effectively Manage Sales Orders

The software allows you to create new sales orders and enhance the entire order workflow. Accountsbook is efficient to fulfill all orders without any error and create invoices for the delivered products.

Organize Orders According to projects

Accountsbook’s inventory management software helps you easily categorize your orders according to the projects. It’s a great feature to track the fulfillment status of a particular project.

Manufacturing Inventory Management

Accountsbook helps at every step of product manufacturing management. From purchasing raw material to production, it lets you know about all details of the process.

  • Record raw material and its consumption
  • Record production of ready to use goods
  • Account for inventory wastage
  • Maintain bills of materials
  • Track inventory transfer

Warehouse Inventory Management

Multi-Warehouse Management

Accountsbook allows you to create multiple warehouses in one integrated system and track them in less time. Also, you can decide where to keep the stock while creating sales bills or recording a purchase.

Customer and Supplier Management

Accountsbook helps you capture your preferred suppliers more often to save your money and time. It enables you to;

  • Track accounts payables and receivables easily
  • Generate vendor or customer transaction statements
  • Get aging reports on outstanding dues
  • Track expenses

Intuitive Reports on Inventory Workflow

All Information in Zero Efforts

Accountsbook offers instant access to crucial reports like inventory evaluation, pending orders, low stock, stock wastage, and item-wise transaction report.

Filterable Reports

All reports in Accountsbook are fully filterable that allows you to drill down quickly and point out the hidden details. It helps you avoid stressful paperwork and data collections from various excel documents.

Take Full Control of Your Inventory

Manage Purchase Workflow

Create purchase orders using Accountsbook and email them to your vendors with one click. You can allocate the inventory to selected warehouses at the time of recording purchase.

Stock Control and Adjustment

Track and record stock transfer between different warehouses, material consumption, stock wastage, and real-time production with the help of Accountsbook super simple interface.

Intuitive Reports on Inventory Workflow

Maintain Product Batches

Our software puts every product in a different category using different tags, numbers, and dates. It is helpful for the manufacturers and dealers of similar-looking products.

Team Collaboration

Accountsbook’s top inventory management software supports multi-user mode so that you can add two or more than two users to collaborate according to their roles. You can define the users’ roles as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Inventory management software helps business persons manage their inventory with ease. It enables you to manage multiple warehouses and products in one integrated system.

Some of the unique features of Accountsbook make it different from other software available in the market. Accountsbook is user-friendly and easy-to-use inventory management software - this is why people prefer to use it instead of using other software.

It’s very easy to purchase Accountsbook. All you have to do is to contact us and inform us about your specific demands. We will give you the best software that fits your business.