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Accepts Payments

Purchase order software adds security and accountability to your ordering processes. Rules can be created authorizing who can make purchases. Centralized purchasing records let you track any purchase your company has made. You can ensure that each order is legitimate, accurate, and authorized.

Facilitate billing and payment

Online platforms do not require additional set up and can provide you with the capability to conveniently process payment. With invoicing software you can create an online portal for customers to directly make payments and for you to immediately process them. It also allows you to accept foreign currency payments as billing and invoicing software has features to handle multiple currencies

More Payment Options and No Hidden Fees

Providing your clients with multiple ways to pay means you get paid faster. You’ll always know exactly how much money you’re taking in because AccountsBook Payments, Stripe and ACH* pricing is transparent.

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Make the Switch to Account Book Today.

Join Thousands Who are Switching From Excel and Google Sheets.

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